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Trading Services

Trading Services

EARNEX is run by a group of visionary professionals who have high educational background and remarkable experience. We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers. Top management level consists of full time directors and partners. We have a wide pool of experts and contracted staffs who are always available to provide a safe and secure environment.

Our professional staffs are trained to handle the highest level of service for customers of all sizes and requirements. We prefer challenging tasks that give us opportunity to work on the edge of our capabilities. We work to make our customers feel comfortable and happy carrying out their business with us. our highest priority is delivering transparency, quality and value-added services to our clients.

Our team of professionals with vast experience of brokerage industry is one of the finest commodities futures and options brokerage operations. Our customer service and satisfaction is the second to none with world class infrastructure offered by DGCX and DMCC. Our execution desk has the time to spend with each client to make sure that all orders are done quickly, accurately and in accordance with regulatory by laws.

With 24hours service desk and personalized relationship managers our services are designed to meet the requirements of professional traders, asset managers, prop traders and corporate customers.

For further information about clearing service please contact our institutional sales team.

EARNEX DMCC as broker Clearing Member, We provide complete service of clearing and settlement to non-clearing brokers, with rang of added services in addition to M2M obligations and margins we help our clients by enabling non-clearing brokers to focus more on expending their clientele while let EARNEX DMCC to take care of clearing and settlement. This function included ensuring that every trade had an appropriate counter-party, paying and collecting funds as a result of trading, and arrangement of the delivery.

As clearing member with Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange is the only independent commodities clearing house in Middle East. In order to protect market participants from counter-party credit risk, DCCC has established a Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF).

The settlement guarantee provided by DCCC is underpinned by a system of initial margin, daily marking-to-market procedures and additional margins. The Settlement Guarantee Fund itself is made up of commitments from clearing members, an insurance policy held by DCCC and credit line extended by the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange.

For further information about clearing service please contact our institutional sales team.

Our presence in the wider spectrum of commodities trading arena of financial to risk management enable us to help our customer with wide range of physical delivers solutions. As leading commodities trading and risk management solutions provider we serve our customers either hedger or speculators, retail of corporate that requires the actual underlying asset to be delivered upon the specified delivery date, rather than being traded out with offsetting contracts.

We have arrangements to meet their requirements through world class electronic receipt system of Dubai Commodities Receipts (DCR) by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre DMCC.

In addition our partners network in physical commodities trading sector both locally and international gives us the edge our customer need to trade and hedge risk confidently without the concern of default on delivery.

For further information about clearing service please contact our institutional sales team.

Our Standard account package offers you access to our trading platforms, competitive fixed spreads and a wider range of our trading tools and added value products, plus more added benefits. You may upgrade to a higher package by depositing more funds into your trading account. Please refer to the account comparison link for information relating to the additional benefits you may receive as a result of an upgrade. Please note that any upgrade will require a review and approval from our Compliance department.

  • Price certainty: Since Block trades are transacted at pre-agreed price between counterparties; it provides a price certainty when a large size trade is executed.
  • Execution certainty: All Block trades are approved by the Exchange as long as they are reported for eligible contracts and do not violate any stipulations of the BTF.
  • Extended trading hours: Block trades may be reported up to fifteen (15) minutes after the Close of Trading on any Trading Day.
  • Registration of Block trades does not affect O-H-L-C prices and volume information in the market. The posting of Block trades will not result in triggering any stop-loss orders in the system.

For further information please contact us at

Our dedicated team of high class investment professionals are responsible for dispensing smart partnership solution. We offer an array of partnership services to professionals with business synergies. Our goal is to build our business and developing it based on long-term relationships with business partners, while providing them the highest quality of service and solutions.

We welcomes partnership inquiries from financial institutions and qualified individuals who would like to offer our wide range of services to their client base, further more we also encourage strategic partnership.

Many of our most successful partners are Basic Introducers who earn a steady revenue stream simply by recommending our site to their clients.

Automated trading systems are not new in the trading industry. It has been around for many years now and has been fairly popular to a lot of traders. But for those who are new in the trading industry, what can an automated trading system really do for you?

System trading can provide the user the freedom from decision making. Since the system executes orders automatically once the criteria has been met, the user won’t have to be troubled in deciding whether or not to take the trade. Minimal emotions in the trading process can help the user to stick with his trading plan. Hence provide consistency in the trading. Another benefit one can get from using an automated trading system is the freedom to do other things without the worry of missing out on a good trade.

Easy steps to start to rule based trading.
  • Select the trading strategy – execute trades automatically, day or night
  • Reduce the impact of emotional and gut reactions by allowing pre-planned strategies to run
  • Identify new opportunities and analyses trends with a wide range of indicators
  • Execute multiple real-time trades simultaneously
  • Back test against historical data

Using an automated trading system allows you to trade even in the late hours of the evening. Since you don’t have to monitor the market physically, you can set up your computer the whole day and it will automatically generate orders once the criteria are met. You can also assign a stop-loss order so that when the price reached a certain threshold, the stop order can be generated automatically and minimize your loses.

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